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07 Mar

Ebony, an African - American dream

Publié par Philippe

Ebony, an African - American dream

In Autumn 1945 a young journalist named John H Johnston embarcks on the monthly "Ebony" with the purpose to build something like "Life" or "Look" magazines. The magazine distinguishes itself from the others by a red bandeau in which the name "Ebony" is written. It speaks to the African - American middle class who loves fashion and culture and who is ready to spend his money. "Ebony" proposes an optimistic way of living to his readers but doesn't neglecte to speak about the Civil rights fight or the discriminations against the African - American community during the 1950's, the 1960's and the 1970's. So Martin Luther King has worked for the paper between two years (1957, 1958) and a special number in 1963 celebrating the centenary of the proclamation who emancipates the slaves promulgating by Lincoln. John H Johnston will also succeed to convince the advertisers for promoting their own produces by using African - American models at the time where they aren't present in the fashion industry. Since the 1950's the "Ebony" headquarters becomes to be the crossing point of many famous African - American people photographing by Moneta Sleet Jr (Pulitzer price 1969) and Isaac Sutton. The "Ebony" monthly and the "Jet" weekly had the purpose to build a new project but they have been sold in June 2016 with the photographic archives to a capital investment society Clear View Group from Austin (Texas).



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Richard Murray 11/03/2019 00:48

do you have a favorite ebony magazine?

Philippe 12/03/2019 08:47

I haven't watch all the Ebony numbers but I like those published during the eighties.

Richard Murray 11/03/2019 00:47

Ebony magazine is one from many examples where the black populace in the usa started its own media venture but as white owned media enterprises opened up their processes, they lost momemtum and became niche. Do they have any similar media outlets in france?

Philippe 12/03/2019 08:51

Ebony is a mainstream American magazine. In France there isn't such mainstream magazine.

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