The men of the president

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The men of the president

Thriller directed by Alan J. Pakula, cast : Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Warden, Martin Balsam, Hal Holbrook, Jason Robards, Jane Alexander, Meredith Baxter, Ned Beatty, Hugh Sloan Jr., Sally Akon, John Mc. Martin, screenplay : William Goldman (from the book written by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward), soundtrack : David Shire, Producer : Walter Coblenz, Jan Bourstin, Michaël Britton, director of the picture : Gordon Willis, director of the casting : Alexander Shayne, supervisor : Bernie Pollock, production : Warner Bros., Wildwood entreprises.

"The men of the president" is the adptation of a book written by two journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. This book shows the last seven months of the inquiry they have done who is ended to the Watergate scandal. Everything begins with the burglary of the Watergate (the headquarter of the democrat party) and finishes with the resignation of the President Nixon the 8th of august 1974. Presented in 1976 this movie is considered as a masterpiece with two famous actors : Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. Robert Redford put a lot of effort into this film. He has bought the rights of the book and researched money with the Warner bors for the production and found the others actors. Shooting a press room wasn't very easy. A press room has been reconstructed in Burbank and the Washington Post sent a lot of typewriter from their offices. "The men of the president" has reciived several nominations at the 1977 awards (best film, screenplay, actor, actress, supporting actor) and won four of them (best screenplay, supporting actor, ...).

The biginning of the inquiryThe biginning of the inquiry

The biginning of the inquiry

"The men of the president" is a classical film about journalism inquiry. The director Alan J. Pakula has the reputation to be a commited director. This two last movies "Klute" and "About a murder" speaks about the corruption in New - York and the killing of the two Kennedy's brothers. The 17th june 1972 five men who belonged to the CIA have been surprised and arrested by the police int eh Watergate building the headquarter of the Democrat party. The judgement of these five men attract the attention of a Young journalist Bob Woodward who is making an inquiry for his paper the Washington Post. These men intrigue him. These men belong to the CIA and to the commettee for the reelection of the President Nixon and their lawyers say anything about them to the journalist. Bob Woodward understand that it isn't an ordinary case of burglary. He succeed to convince another journalist Carl Bernstein to join him for going deeper into this case. The both begin to use their network without any results.

The both journalists are looking for informationsThe both journalists are looking for informations

The both journalists are looking for informations

The editor of the Washington Post Ben Bradlee is regulary informed about the inquiry but ask to the both journalists to stop. When they want do so a mysterious informant named "Deep Throat" contact them (several years after the real name of this in formant has been given it's Mark Felt the number two of the FBI). The infomations given by this informant allow the inquiry to go back again. The meetings between the informant and the journalists has been taken with a lot of précautions (red ribbon attached to a balcony, meeting in parkings not well lighted). During all these eetings "Deep throat" give the same advise to the both journalists : follow the money.

The inquiry continueThe inquiry continue

The inquiry continue

The information given by "Deep throat" are precious. Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward follow the money to the locals committees for the Richard Nixon's reelection until the advisors of the President of the United - States in the White House. The journalists couldn't produced a serious proof because all of their informants doesn't want to see their names in the articles. The editor Ben Bradlee has also to resolve a dilemma : he wants to publish the articles who involve the President of the United - States in the scandal but he doesn't want a trial. An event resolves the problem. An important member of the national committee for the Richard Nixon's reelection insulte the owner of the Washington Post Katherine Graham who is the widow of the foundator of the paper. Chocked by these insulting words the editor asks to publish quickly the articles. This publications involves the resignation of Richard Nixon from the Presidency the 8th of august 1974.

Ben Bradlee withe the journalistsBen Bradlee withe the journalists

Ben Bradlee withe the journalists

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