Nice, sun, flowers. Marc Chagall and the bay of angels

par Philippe  -  1 Septembre 2015, 08:30

Nice, sun, flowers. Marc Chagall and the bay of angels

Exhibition at the Chagall Museum, 36th doctor Menard avenue, 06000 Nice, open all the days except thuersday, to 10am until 6 pm, phone :

Marc Chagall is borned the 7th of july 1887 in Liozano near Vitebsk in Bielorussia in a jewish hassidique family. His art work belongs to any art schools but we can find connections with surrealism and neo - positivism. Towards his paintings Marc Chagall will give all is life a tribute to his childhood in Vitebsk.

Marc Chagall follows his art studies in Saint - Petersbourg after takes the train to Paris in 1910. When he arrives in the french capital he wonders himself by the artisitic life and makes some new friends like Blaise Cendrars or Guillaume Appolinaire. During his visit in Paris he studies the paintings and the sculptures who are in the Museum of le Louvre.

The Marc Chagall's tribute to his chaldhood in Vitebsk.The Marc Chagall's tribute to his chaldhood in Vitebsk.

The Marc Chagall's tribute to his chaldhood in Vitebsk.

Mobilized in the tsarist army during the first world war he becomes commissar of Fine - Arts with the blochevist regime. But he is quickly ejected of his new function by the painter Kazimir Malevitch. After that Marc Chagall takes the train for going definitively in France. In 1926 he goes to Nice on the french Riviera and makes a walk inside the flower market of the city. He wonders himself by the parfume of the flowers and also by their flashing colors but he never stays longer.

He recieves the french nationality during th thirties and developps his art work in differents ways : etching, gouache and illustrations. Marc Chagall succeeds to leave France for going to United - States when the nazis troups arrives in France In 1940. After the end of the second world war he stays definitively on the french Riviera. He lives to 1950 until 1966 in the city of Vence and after 1966 goes to Saint - Paul - de -Vence until his death.

Marc Chagall, "The bay of the angels" (1962), "La sirène au pin" (1967).Marc Chagall, "The bay of the angels" (1962), "La sirène au pin" (1967).

Marc Chagall, "The bay of the angels" (1962), "La sirène au pin" (1967).

The art work of Chagall blows and enrich onself in news shades with the contact of the mediterranean landscape. The city of Nice will give him many tributes. In 1960 the major of this time Jean Médecin asks him to realize a poster for symbolizing the city like a visit card. For realizing this poster Marc Chagall has executed several preparatories gouaches who would be transformed in lithographies. The lithographies represent the Negresco, the Masséna square and the carnaval.

In 1970 Marc Chagall becomes citizen of honor of the city of Nice. The higher point of these tributes is the opening of the Chagall Museum in 1973. The city of Nice gives a land in Cimiez ans asks to the architect André Hermant to realize a modern building in the mediterranean landscape. The Museum is inaugurated in presence of Marc Chagall. It shelters "the biblical message" constituted by many religious painting executed by Marc Chagall and given by will by him and his wife Valentina to the french state in 1966.

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