Tribute to Arman

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Tribute to Arman

Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art and Contmporary Art, Yves Klein square, 06000 Nice, every days open from 10 am to 6 pm except on monday, phone :

The art work of Arman speaks about the object. His aim is to give a statute to the object and he uses the making objects who are just the extensions of the men hands. He will become a passionate collector of usuals objects (watches, weapons, pens) and will be considered as one of the best specialist of the traditional african art. Arman follows his studies at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Nice (villa Arson) where he meets Yves Klein et Claude Pascal. In october 1960 he signs the manifesto of the new realism movement written by the art critic Pierre Restany. The aim of this movement is to build new perspectives approaches of the real.

Arman "Africamania", and Arman with the new realists members.Arman "Africamania", and Arman with the new realists members.

Arman "Africamania", and Arman with the new realists members.

Arman attracts himself with the connection between the modern society and the objects produced in this type of society. He studies the three stages of this production : the production, the consummation and the destruction. Arman begins with the production of the objects during the objects during his first exhibition at the gallery Haut - Pavé in 1955. This period is qualified cachets and allure. It begins when Arman decides to leave his abstract approach influenced by de Staël and also after the discovering of the Jackson Pollock's painting. He leaves down the brush and begins the gesture of repetition in the act of buffering. He tries to do better during the allure period with the introduction of the printed objects disturn of their usual way.

Arman "Accumulation Renault" (1968) and "Violoncelle" (1973).Arman "Accumulation Renault" (1968) and "Violoncelle" (1973).

Arman "Accumulation Renault" (1968) and "Violoncelle" (1973).

In 1959 Arman introduce the concept of consumption in his art work with the accumulation period. Arman wants to show us the quantitative nature involved by the consumption process. The objects are mass produced by they stay fragile. Arman use some kinds of materials (resin, rubber) for realizing his accumulations. The Arman's aim's is also to debunks the objects towards the coupes. He cuts scientifically tools, music instruments ans icons of west art and sticks back together all the pieces for showing us their inner personality. His cuts will be more frequent in the last five years of his life.

Arman "Colère" (1961) and Arman "Ordures au naturel" (1972)Arman "Colère" (1961) and Arman "Ordures au naturel" (1972)

Arman "Colère" (1961) and Arman "Ordures au naturel" (1972)

Arman ended his artistic process by the concept of destruction. During some artistic performances he breaks and distroys ritually and methodically some usual objects. These destructions are shooted by a crew. Everything begins in 1961 with the destruction of pieces of furniture until The conscious vandalism of 2001. The destructions follow the same way who is similar as martial art movements with aesthetic and brutality.

In 1959 Arman inaugurates the poubelles period where he exhibites garbages and detritus. He puts garbages inside a box made with plexiglas. These garbages witness us about the personality and the time where the persons are leaving. He uses this approach during for the first time during the exhibition "le plein" at the Iris Clert gallery in 1960. He will extend his artistic approach few year after. In the beginning of the 1970's he put some garbages in a bag and put them after in some small boxes.

Arman "Tulipe" (2001).

Arman "Tulipe" (2001).

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