From Warhol to Basquiat, the masterpieces of the Lambert Collection

par Philippe  -  10 Mai 2016, 08:39

From Warhol to Basquiat, the masterpieces of the Lambert Collection

Exhibition from the 20th of february to the 22nd of may 2016, Musée de Vence, Fondation Emile Hugues, 2 place du Frêne, 06140 Vence, from tuesday to sunday, from 11am to 6pm during school vacations and holidays (except 1st of may), fee : 6 €, reduced fee : 3 €.

The exhibition "From Warhol to Basquiat" relates the New - York years of the collector and art seller Yvon Lambert. The famous song "Heroes" performs by David Bowie gives the atmosphere of this time and also of the exhibition when we go in. In 1972 Yvon Lambert exhibites in his own art gallery at the street of l'Echaudé in Paris the famous american artists of conceptual, minimal and also conceptual art. With the help of the well known american gallerist Leo Castelli he opens his own art gallery on the 21st street in the area of Chelsea in New York City. The art gallery will be open until 2011. In return he will facilitate the opening of the Leo Castelli's wife art gallery in Paris.

Andy Warhol "Electric chairs" (1971)Andy Warhol "Electric chairs" (1971)

Andy Warhol "Electric chairs" (1971)

The exhibition shows the links between all the artists exhibited and the two giants from New - York City. Everything begins at the first floor with the "Electric chairs" serie (1971) in which Andy Warhol uses the serigraphy technics for giving an iconic aspect but also for showing us the abjectness and the disgusting aspect of the death penalty and the machine used for killing people in the us death rows. The spirit of the artists showcase with Warhol at the first floor is clear : they interrogate themselves about human being. The artistical installation built by Zilvinas Kempinas, Rika Noguchi and Cy Twombly try to give us the answer. We must notice that Cy Twombly and Richard Long where present in 1986 during the opening of the famous Yvon Lambert art gallery in the Marais area in Paris.

Jean - Michel Basquiat "Anatomy" (1982).Jean - Michel Basquiat "Anatomy" (1982).

Jean - Michel Basquiat "Anatomy" (1982).

At the second floor of the Villeneuve Castle the art work of Jean - Michel Basquiat is like an echo of the Warhol art work because Basquiat has always considered Warhol as his own mentor. Yvon Lambert knows how to detect and to rise up the talents. In 1977 he leaves France for immersing himself in the cultural life of New - York City. He meets some artists who belong to the neo - expressionnist movement including Jean - Michel Basquiat. Lambert organizes the first exhibition of Basquiat in Paris and he will also organize one of the last few days before the Basquiat death in august 1988. The visitor can appreciate the famous "Anatomy" serie (1982) who was the first serigraphy produced by Basquiat for his first exhibition in New - York City. Some pictures and the moive "Basquiat" directed by Julian Schnabel illustrate the career of the radiant child.

Cy Twombly "Untitled" (2008) and Robert Long "Ardennes State Line" (1979).Cy Twombly "Untitled" (2008) and Robert Long "Ardennes State Line" (1979).

Cy Twombly "Untitled" (2008) and Robert Long "Ardennes State Line" (1979).

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