Patrick Tosani, building pictures

par Philippe  -  24 Mai 2016, 18:59

Patrick Tosani, building pictures

Exhibition from the 12th of february to the 29th of may 2016 at the Theater of the photography and the picture, 27 boulevard Dubouchage, 06000 Nice, open all the days except monday, from 10am to 6pm, phone :

Patrick Tosani begins his artistical career after the beginning of his architectural studies in 1973 (DESA). Three years later he prefers to becolme a photographer. Patrick Tosani uses the framing for showing the importance of the subject in his own materiality. With the framing he succeed to isolate all the components of a picture and to precise all the points of view. The framing happens before the recording of a picture and helps to take a distance with the reality.

Patrick Tosani "the runner" and "the diver" (1982).Patrick Tosani "the runner" and "the diver" (1982).

Patrick Tosani "the runner" and "the diver" (1982).

Patrick Tosani insists also on "the previous construction" of a picture. In a small time he uses the most objectives means of the photography (precision, shooting, ...) for building a picture.He wants to give a physical presence who will amplify the details of the things and organizing a confrontation between the illusion and the representation for interrogating himself and ourselves about the reality.

Patrick Tosani "Mask n°2" (1998) and "Mask n°9" (1999).Patrick Tosani "Mask n°2" (1998) and "Mask n°9" (1999).

Patrick Tosani "Mask n°2" (1998) and "Mask n°9" (1999).

Patrick Tosani pictures deals also with the notion of fragments. His artistical approach helps him to renovate the traditional approach of the still life with the using of all the potentialities (neutrality, abstraction, immobility, weight) of the photography. All the time Patrick Tosani uses the light for showing us the importance of the details.

Patrick Tosani "Mark n°4" (1998)

Patrick Tosani "Mark n°4" (1998)

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