Philip Vormwald, serial

par Philippe  -  2 Mai 2016, 18:42

Philip Vormwald, serial

Espace à vendre gallery, 10 Assalit street, 06000 Nice, from tuesday to saturday, from 2pm to 7pm, from the 26th of february to 7th may 2016, phone : and

The german artist Philip Vormwald is borned in Germany (1978) but he lives and works now in France. His art work has been exposed everywhere in Europe (germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium). They explore the time in different ways. He proposes first a cultural approach of the time and invokes some cultures (old, modern, contemporary). He uses also several technics for analyzing the time. He produces series of drawing where each drawing has is own logic. The drawing cancels the drawing before but announces the drawing after.

The art work of Philip Vormwald on the ground.The art work of Philip Vormwald on the ground.

The art work of Philip Vormwald on the ground.

Philip Vormwald uses also the ground of the art gallery in his art work as a screenplay of a movie. The ground performs in several parts. This is a reference to the Philip Vormwald's cinematographical studies he has left before being an artist. This artistical approach refers the spectator to his own life with his own story. The Philip Vormwald's art work is clearly illustrated by the Gilles Deleuze sentence in which he says that life has two sides : the dark side and the ligthy side.

Philip Vormwald "Untitled" (2015)Philip Vormwald "Untitled" (2015)

Philip Vormwald "Untitled" (2015)

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