Boko Haram, the origins of the evil

par Philippe  -  3 Octobre 2016, 11:36

Boko Haram, the origins of the evil

Documentary directed by Xavier Munch and Bruno Foy, France (2016), 55 mn.

The Xavier Munch and Bruno Foy documentary deals with the creation and the rising of the Islamist sect Boko Haram (Boko = book and Haram = forbidden). The documentary shows sometimes violent pictures cut by testimonies of inhabitants living in that area except Boko Haram members. The both journalists have waited nine months before receiving the agreements for shooting. The Islamist sect appears in 2002 and grows speedily by the conjunction of four elements. Firstly a charismatic leader Mohammed Yussuf who succeeds to seduce the poors and also the intellectuals by his radical speech. The killing of the leader by the police just after his catching gives him an higher importance. The economic context is also ready for such extremists ideas. Half of the Nigerians live in the poverty. The corruption represents the third element and among the politicians some of them were ready to give money to Mohammed Yussuf. The Nigerian army appears as the last actor of this tragedy. Composed in majority by Christians from the South of the Nigeria it leads a real religion war.

Boko Haram bombing and the Nigerian armyBoko Haram bombing and the Nigerian army

Boko Haram bombing and the Nigerian army

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