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Drama, directed by : Stephen T. Barton, writing credits : Stephen T. Barton, cast (in credit order) : Kwesi Bookge, Kenya Brome, Anthony Chisholm, Tosa Danny, Joe Forhich, Loriana Izrailova, Zlatcko Krikic, Lisha Mc Coy, Savannah Konnick, produced by : Peter Sigurdsson, Matt Tauber (producer), Kashie Mills (co), music by : Panka Korneva, Alex Roger, cinematography by : Marcian Kapron, production design by : Alexandra Schill, art direction by : Ashley Lehrer, costume design by : Anney Perrin, makeup department : Mariano Kovacevic, production management : John Prinz, John Christian Warren, second unit director : Candice Fortin, Brittany Danielle Hall, Gore Wander Horn, art department : Anneke Allan, sound department : Adrian Sosa, camera and electrical department : Emile Jackson, casting department : Brittany Danielle Hall, costume and wardrobe department : Candace Puzic, other crew : Janae Green.

This movie has been shooted when some policemen has killed some black children. It shows that a mutual collaboration based on the respect between the police and the black children is the best way for fighting against the criminality in the inner cities. A young black child draws many drawing for escaping of his daily life. His mother is a drug addict and his father has been killed in a shooting between dealers. For surviving he steals the women handbags. Among the drawing he has realized there is one who could interest the police. It represents the car of a sexual predatory who kidnapped young white women.

He sees a police officer but he doesn't trust him. He escapes and the police officer runs after him but doesn't succeeds to catch him. The police officer let his visit card inside the mail box of the child's mother because he is persuaded that the young child has some informations about the predatory. During that time the young child sees and follows the predatory's car until the house of that man. The young child succeeds to steal the predatory phone and to call the police officer before being knock down. The police officer arrives quickly, arrests the predatory and delivers the young child.

Sketch and the police officerSketch and the police officer

Sketch and the police officer

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