Chioma Chukwuka, a nigerian actress

par Philippe  -  2 Décembre 2014, 09:19

Chioma Chukwuka, a nigerian actress

Born the 12th of Marz in Oraifite, Anambra State, Nigeria Chioma Chukwuka is a nigerian actress who has won the award of best actress in the Africa Movie Academy Awards of 2007 for the film "Sins of the fresh". She begun her childhood education at the school of Onward, Lagos State and after goes to federal highschool of Lagos. She finishes her education by having a degree in banking at the University of Lagos. The career of Chioma Chukwuka in acting begin in 2000 with the film "Handkerchief". She has performed in 80 movies.

The nigerian actress Chioma ChukwukaThe nigerian actress Chioma Chukwuka

The nigerian actress Chioma Chukwuka

2006 was really the greatest year in the Chioma Chukwuka career with the "Games men play" film. The film of Lancelot Adawo Imoruen speaks about indiscretions and gossips around a couple from Lagos. Tara a well known nigerian journalist played in the movie by Kate Hanshaw Nuttel decided to realise a survey about the relationships inside the couples around her for writting an article. Chioma Chukwuka played a housewife. She is the best friend of Tara but she should hide a big secret. Chioma Chukwuka will fight against the gossips for protecting her husband and herself. After this movie Chioma Chukwuka gives the proof that she is available to play every characters. In her last films ("Painful words 2" of Willie Adoh Ajenge, "Tears in my heart" and "Tears in my heart 2" of Viola Ajenge) she performs an executive woman.

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