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Exhibition at the villa Arson, 20th Stephen Liegeard avenue, 06000 Nice, open all the days, except thuersday, to 2pm until 7pm (2pm until 6pm in september), entrance free.

The exhibition of the 2015 students promotion of the villa Arson is caracteristed by a strong collective value. We can find this collective value in the art work of the students. The art work is exposed as a leporello in the studios of the Villa Arson and has the travel as main topic. The travel appears like an interrogation about himself (Immo Sanchez).

This interrogation can be nostalgic as the travel imagined by Maxime Duveau inside the California during the sixties. The artist uses special brushes for making pictures of this time. The nostalgia is also present in the sounds used by David Perreard inside his sophisticated sculptures. The nostalgia can be mental. The artiste Florence Lattraye uses objects who interpellate the spectator all the time. She wants to show us how life is important.

The art work of Florence Lattraye.The art work of Florence Lattraye.

The art work of Florence Lattraye.

You can ask yourself about the meaning of travelling but you can also realize it. Forrealizing a trip it must be desire. In the art work of Mathieu Alary the desire is added in a precious iconography materialized in the famous "cabinet de curiosités" and the "chambre des merveilles". Here the desire is a mix between poetry, subjectivity and a part of reality.

With the travel you makes discoveries towards signs and sounds. The signs are founded in an iconography from picturals fictions inspired by the copists of the Middle - Age in Europe. The sound plays an important part for explaining the space of the exhibition to the spectator.

The art work of Mathieu AlaryThe art work of Mathieu Alary

The art work of Mathieu Alary

Travelling has another utility. Show that you are interesting by the others people and that you want to know or to appreciate their customs. The knowledge gives a certain value to the ancestral craft industries like Solène Doually explains to us. This activities have a certain know - how who is connected with the poetry, the nature and the science.

The art work of Solène Doually.The art work of Solène Doually.

The art work of Solène Doually.

But travelling is an activity with some risks. The art work of Magali Halter and Lucy Henault try to explain us these risks. In her art performance Magali Halter created a person whose name is King Baxter. This mythological person has a strong and violent personnality. Lucy Hernault prefers to use the sculpture for creating strange animals adn trees. Her aim is to critize the banality.

King Baxter

King Baxter

The ending of the travel let always the same impression. The travel incitates to realize is own introspection but also to know better the other people. Brice Courtès who ask himself "opportunist artist" search to examine the transgresions in his art work. For him the knowledge stays essential for building new relations.

The art work of Brice CourtèsThe art work of Brice Courtès

The art work of Brice Courtès

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